Beyond pride of place, renovating your unit will provide the following benefits:



1. Performance

The new Surf will be able to demand higher rates for a renovated product. Further, a renovated hotel with a distinct, compelling concept will attract more guests to the property, helping to maintain or even occasionally increase our occupancy. This will translate into increased distributions to owners.

2. Quality

The new Surf has been painstakingly conceived by a team of veteran hospitality professionals. Every detail has been considered from the specific perspective of a hotelier. 

This means that the furniture, fixtures and construction elements in the room will be of a higher quality than what can be obtained by the general public. The room is built to last and to maintain its appeal through heavy use and enjoyment.

3. Value

The buying power of a whole-property renovation through our proprietary resources is far greater than if purchased individually by an owner. For the guestrooms at Aqua Surf, you would pay twice as much for the same furnishings at retail. This allows us to shape a superior experience, and to obtain higher quality goods for relatively lower expense.

4. Real Estate equity

To test our new room design, we've solicited price appraisals from real estate professionals with experience selling at the Surf. 

Enclosed is an Sotheby's International appraisal for the renovated Deluxe room featured in photos on this website: